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Hey you guys. My name is Michelle. I am 17 and I've loved Tori Amos since I was 13. Even before I really got into Tori her song "Silent All These Years" kind of haunted me. I saw the part of her SATY video where she goes "Heeeeere..silent all these years" on VH1 when I was little, and then I finally downloaded it when I was 13 and heard the whole song. I was totally AMAZED. In August, I am catching Tori on her Summer of Sin tour in Toronto! Yessss! This will be the first time I see Tori, and frankly, I will probably wet my pants. No, I'm just kidding, but I will be paralyzed with excitement!

I am really surprised I haven't joined a Tori Amos LiveJournal community before today. I also joined toriamos but that community is rather large and I think this may be a better place for discussion.

by the way, why do people refer to fans as "ears with feet"? is there some tori quote that refers to her fans as "ears with feet"? thanks!

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